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How SB 800 affects litigation for construction defects

If you have a newly constructed California home, you likely walked the property, checked all the switches and tested doors at the final walk-through. However, now that you have been in the home for a year or so, you may realize that the roof is leaking, or every light you plug into a specific socket needs a bulb replaced every few months. These issues may be a result of construction defects. At Tsao-Wu & Yee LLP, we have experience in obtaining positive resolution in a variety of construction disputes including defects.

Can you prevent construction defects?

If you hire a building contractor to build a structure for you, you want the final project to be of high quality. It is a huge investment to build something. It also takes a lot of time to do it. Even if you are not hands-on during the process, the planning alone will take a lot of your time and energy. You also want to be a part of making decisions along the way as the building progresses. One thing that can derail the whole project is a construction defect. According to Modern Construction Solutions, you and the builder have a hand in preventing many defect issues.

Using experts for claims of differing site conditions

Contractors and project owners in North Carolina, know that large undertakings have many moving parts. Contract provisions often identify typical issues, and the methods for handling them. This is especially true when discussing site conditions. The contract should also address procedures for communicating and documenting unforeseen circumstances. When issues occur outside the contract parameters, there are several alternatives, innovative solutions and cost-effective methods to a court trial.

Can a home warranty protect you?

When you build a new home in California, you put a lot of trust in your builder. Generally, to help ensure that you are satisfied with the final product, your builder will offer a warranty. However, the FTC warns not all warranties are equal. You may even have the option of buying additional warranties from third-party providers. Some of the components of your home, such as the heating system or the appliances may also come with manufacturer warranties. It is important to understand how each of the warranties protects you.

Common construction defects that you should be aware of

Construction is a highly competitive industry in California that can create a strong desire in many contracting companies to pump out projects at lightning speed. You may be aware of just how competitive it is when you feel the pressure to complete complicated projects in record time to maintain your reputation. However, compromising on design or workmanship can be extremely dangerous and ultimately tarnish your reputation if your flaw results in someone's injury or death. At Tsao-Wu & Yee LLP, we have helped many companies to understand the importance of maintaining a high level of quality. 

How Can I Tell a Bad Contractor From a Good One?

Whether you need help with brand-new construction or are having renovations completed at your home, it’s essential that your contractor performs quality work. Unfortunately, some companies fail to meet the expectations of their clients, which can lead to lost time and money dealing with construction defects. explains what to look out for if you suspect a contractor may be lacking in one or more areas.

How can I find a good home construction contractor?

If you’re having a property built or work performed on your existing home in California, you’re likely concerned about construction defects occurring. Choosing the right contractor will greatly reduce the risk of issues, which is crucial to ensure your project stays on deadline (and on budget). U.S. News & World Report offers a few tips on choosing the best contractor for your needs.

How can home construction warranties help protect me?

One of the best ways to protect yourself from the cost of unexpected construction defects in your new home is to buy a construction warranty. Even if your new California house looks perfect and an inspection turns up no issues, you have no idea how and when a problem might suddenly turn up. Forbes points out how to handle seeking a good construction warranty and what to expect.

How much can you recover for design deficiencies?

Your first call after securing the rights to a new construction project in the San Francisco Bay area may be to a design firm to get the process started on planning your new build. The designs and specifications that come from its plan will drive much of the work that goes into your project and ultimately affect whether or not you will be able to finish both on time and on budget. Thus, any deficiencies in the design can have devastating consequences. According to, complaints over design deficiencies make up 38 percent of all construction disputes. This begs the question of how should you deal with such disputes? 

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