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What can I do about a bad contractor?

You expect your contractor to do the best job possible on your California home. Not all contractors are created equal, and in the event you’re unsatisfied with the finished product you want to rest assured that you take the proper steps. House Logic explains how you can deal with a bad contractor and protect yourself in the process.

Resolve contract disputes without going to court

Construction disputes in California typically occur when one or more parties believe there has been a breach of contract. A claim can be costly for your business and damages your reputation. At Tsao-Wu & Yee LLP, we work with clients to resolve issues in the most effective way possible. If you are a contractor on the brink of legal action, there are options available that may allow for dispute resolution without the time and expense of going to court.

Differing site conditions may result in construction disputes

For individuals who have a home custom-built in California, it is an exciting time. The new homeowners have the opportunity to choose the materials, colors and furnishings used in every room. In the rush to begin creating the interior design, the home site may be overlooked. The ground conditions and underlying issues can be critical to the project's timeline.

What Can I Expect From The Discovery Litigation Process?

If you’re a Bay Area contractor, you’re probably aware that disputes are quite common in your industry. In many cases disputes will lead to formal court proceedings, which require both legal teams to enter into what is known as the discovery process. Construction Today explains what you can expect from litigation discovery.

How to efficiently resolve construction disputes

As a California business owner, you likely strive to avoid disputes at all costs. However, issues can easily arise in the construction industry and the best course of action is to efficiently deal with the dispute in a manner that is fair for all. offers advice in this case, which can help you navigate common issues with relative ease.

Are there different types of construction contracts?

Construction contracts can be complex documents. However, they serve as the basis for a building project, so it’s important to ensure that all agreements are valid as well as legally binding. Whether you are a contractor or a client looking to have work done, explains the different types of construction contracts and how they can meet your needs.

How can I find a good contractor?

California homeowners who want to make home improvements and save money doing them may toy with the idea of hiring unlicensed workers. If you are one of them, make sure you weigh that decision carefully before taking that risk. If the work is shoddy, your property is damaged or someone gets hurt, you could be on the hook for some significant expenses that cost more than what you are hoping to save.

When construction delays lead to a dispute

If you run a construction company, there may be a number of legal hurdles you encounter at some point, from problems involving wages and those who work for your company to issues with a developer. However, construction disputes that lead to litigation can be particularly hard to manage. Construction disputes appear for many different reasons, but in this post we will look into construction delays, one of the more common reasons for a dispute. if you are in the middle of a dispute over delays, it is essential to know what your rights are and identify any strategies to move forward with the project properly.

Reviewing the consequences of a construction dispute

If you are a construction company owner, you likely face a myriad of problems on a regular basis. Whether you have recently been struggling with finding new projects or are having a hard time hiring the right workers, there are many different complications construction companies run into. Sometimes, disputes arise, and these can be especially contentious. As someone who runs a construction company in San Francisco, you should be aware of the potential consequences that may come with a dispute and do all you can to handle these disagreements appropriately.

Is a contractor responsible for unpaid subcontractor wages?

It seems straightforward: You are hired as a contractor for a project in California, you enlist the services of a subcontractor to complete the project, the work is finished and you move on to the next job. However, what happens if the employees hired by your subcontractor bring up claims of not being paid all that was promised to them? If your subcontractors fail to properly compensate their employees for the work they have done, can you find yourself in hot water over unpaid wages or improperly disbursed benefits? It is quite possible.

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