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How much can you recover for design deficiencies?

Your first call after securing the rights to a new construction project in the San Francisco Bay area may be to a design firm to get the process started on planning your new build. The designs and specifications that come from its plan will drive much of the work that goes into your project and ultimately affect whether or not you will be able to finish both on time and on budget. Thus, any deficiencies in the design can have devastating consequences. According to, complaints over design deficiencies make up 38 percent of all construction disputes. This begs the question of how should you deal with such disputes? 

Knowing this requires understanding exactly what type of design defect you are dealing with: a design error or a design omission. A design error occurs when an issue is discovered with a certain element of your build that has already been completed or is currently under construction. Fixing it then requires replacing or retrofitting some component of it in order to correct the issue. When this happens, the entire cost of the materials and effort that when into correcting the problem can typically be attributed to the designer. 

The pros and cons of Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Californians who are backed into a financial corner may start seeking new options to alleviate their stressful burdens. One such option is filing for bankruptcy, but there are many different types of bankruptcy that can be applied for. Each serves its own purpose, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. First, we'll look at Chapter 7, the most popular form of bankruptcy.

The United States Courts shows that unlike Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not involve a repayment plan. This can be a benefit to anyone who simply doesn't have the money or time to work toward paying their debts off. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is essentially wiping the slate clean, getting rid of many different debts no matter their size and allowing the filer to have a fresh start. Filing for Chapter 7 will also stop harassment from creditors in its tracks.

What strategies can help resolve construction disputes?

When it comes to construction disputes in the San Francisco Bay Area, many people might not realize they are options to resolve them. Disputes can arise for many reasons, including property defects and issues with communication. It is important for all parties to carefully execute project and contract details and have a clear resolution process for any disagreements that might arise. All parties should also communicate effectively to decrease the likelihood of disputes, states GenieBelt. 

When disputes arise, they can cause delays and project expenses to increase. Here are some dispute resolution tactics individuals should consider before pursuing litigation. 

How mindful spending reverses debt-driven habits

Have you ever been draw to make purchases out of impulse? The impulse to buy is often driven out of a variety of emotions (i.e. fear, insecurity, generosity, happiness, emptiness, etc.). Unfortunately, unrestrained emotional purchases have led many people to a reality of significant financial debt and thoughts of bankruptcy as an emergency exit to these negative money issues.

Moment-by-moment awareness

How mindful spending reverses debt-driven habits

Have you ever been draw to make purchases out of impulse? The impulse to buy is often driven out of a variety of emotions (i.e. fear, insecurity, generosity, happiness, emptiness, etc.). Unfortunately, unrestrained emotional purchases have led many people to a reality of significant financial debt and thoughts of bankruptcy as an emergency exit to these negative money issues.

Moment-by-moment awareness

How should you snap out of these emotionally-driven spending habits? Consider incorporating the art of self-awareness throughout each moment of your day. In general, being mindful is about being present to all facets of your moment as it exists-- wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Experts contend that FIU bridge was incomplete, a hazardous risk

For many California construction companies, the safety, reliability and durability of their projects is paramount to their ability to maintain a good reputation. However, sometimes factors like human error, environmental hazards and poor communication may result in a situation where a construction defect occurs. Often, simple problems can be fixed right away without compromising the structural integrity of whatever is being built. However, if problems are not addressed immediately, the consequence can be significantly severe. 

In a recent incident that has made national headlines, a 950-ton pedestrian bridge at Miami's Florida International University, collapsed in what many argue is a chilling example of a construction defect. The crushing collapse trapped multiple vehicles underneath when it fell onto a busy roadway that was open to traffic. There were six fatalities. Using a unique method called "accelerated bridge construction," the monstrosity was fabricated in larger pieces at a different location and then moved over the road. This method is supposed to be more efficient, in that it eliminates the time-consuming construction of building a bridge piece by piece, on-site, which can obstruct traffic flow.

What Are Some Different Types of Construction Defects?

If you’re having work done on your property in San Francisco, you no doubt expect the contractors to do their absolute best. However, construction defects can occur, and in some cases they can cost you exorbitant amounts of money (or at least a great deal of hassle). Travelers offers insight into some of the different types of defects that can happen during construction so you can readily identify any issues.

Problems With Materials

The real cause of personal bankruptcy

With student loans taking the spotlight of financial concern in America, another type of struggle has been the topic of debate: medical debt. Millions of Californians -- and ultimately Americans -- grapple with medical bills that pile high, only accumulating over the years. Although the type of financial recovery plan may depend on the individual situation, looking at America's biggest cause of bankruptcy can help put this issue into perspective. 

CNBC is hardly the first to point out that medical debt is a crippling issue in the nation. In fact, using a 2013 study from Nerd Wallet, CNBC shares that medical debt is the biggest cause of bankruptcies in the country. At the time of the article's release, almost 2 million Americans struggled to make ends meet after a medical procedure or operation. As a result, countless people turn to bankruptcy for relief. The numbers do not appear to be slowing down anytime soon, either: Nerd Wallet also predicted that millions more will continue to face challenges when attempting to pay off medical fees.

Bankruptcy the choice for former reality TV star

A common misconception amongst many in San Francisco may be that financial struggles are limited to those with moderate or low incomes. However, money troubles can afflict people at any range of the income scale. The perception of those that many would view as being wealthy may be that they have more than enough to meet their expenses, and that any financial difficulties they encounter are of their own making. Yet the issues that put someone in position to consider bankruptcy can vary greatly, from mismanaging funds to expenses related to a medical emergency to the costs to deal with legal troubles. 

A good example of how issues both in and beyond one's control can cause financial troubles may be seen in the case of a former reality television star. The man (whose series detailing classic motorcycle restorations returns this year after a seven-year hiatus) recently filed for personal bankruptcy in New York, listing debts and expenditures nearly equal to his income. While his list of liabilities includes over $21,000 in credit card debt and over $151,000 in back taxes, he also owes over $32,000 for a judgment leveled against him along with $2,000 in medical bills. 

How can you ensure that bankruptcy will be successful?

Some California residents are facing thousands of dollars in debt. If you find yourself among them, if might feel like overcoming this debt is a ceaseless task. After years of struggling, you might be ready to wipe your financial slate clean. It’s possible that bankruptcy could be a great option for you.

However, bankruptcy alone will not guarantee long-term success. If you choose to file, you may have to take additional measures to make the most of this opportunity.

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