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How can I build a reliable budget?

If you’ve recently filed for bankruptcy in California, you may be wondering how you can devise a common-sense budget going forward. Budgeting is crucial to keep yourself on track financially, especially in the wake of major debt. Forbes offers the following tips to help you establish a reasonable budget and while also giving you the tools to stick to it.

Track spending

How can I find a good home construction contractor?

If you’re having a property built or work performed on your existing home in California, you’re likely concerned about construction defects occurring. Choosing the right contractor will greatly reduce the risk of issues, which is crucial to ensure your project stays on deadline (and on budget). U.S. News & World Report offers a few tips on choosing the best contractor for your needs.

Ask for References

Can student loans be discharged?

If you have a great amount of student loan debt in San Francisco, you may be wondering whether it’s dischargeable when filing for bankruptcy. Getting a straight answer to this question can be tricky, as there are many different factors that can determine whether you’re able to discharge student loans. Forbes sheds some light on the matter for the more than 44 million people currently saddled with student loan debt.

Changes In the Laws

How to efficiently resolve construction disputes

As a California business owner, you likely strive to avoid disputes at all costs. However, issues can easily arise in the construction industry and the best course of action is to efficiently deal with the dispute in a manner that is fair for all. offers advice in this case, which can help you navigate common issues with relative ease.

How to Prevent Disputes From Occurring

3 bankruptcy myths debunked

Filing bankruptcy is a topic people seemingly stray from. Common misconceptions about this debt relief process are harmful to our community. Many individuals and family could benefit from the fresh start Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy offers. So why are so many people afraid to discuss this option? There is a long list of myths that might affect the general popularity of bankruptcy, such as:

What is a Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

If your California business has more debt than revenue with which to pay it, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be the best answer to your ever worsening situation. As FindLaw explains, you qualify for Chapter 11 if your business has debt of less than $2.19 million and employs fewer than 500 people.

Be aware that Chapter 11 is a business reorganization proceeding, not a way in which to discharge your business debts. Chapter 11 gives your business the opportunity to renegotiate all its leases and contracts and obtain more favorable terms. This likely will result in lower debt payments that allow your business to reduce its debt and become profitable once again.

What is a construction defect?

It is easy to get confused about what a construction defect is. This is because there is no clear industry definition. However, understanding exactly what a defect is can help you to better handle an issue should it come up during a project in California.

According to Modern Contractor Solutions, a construction defect includes both issues with a contractor's work and issues with products and materials used in a construction project. A defect causes issues with the structure, which can be minor or major. Most often a defect brings a financial burden upon the owner of the property. It does not have to prevent you from enjoying or using your property, though.

Are there different types of construction contracts?

Construction contracts can be complex documents. However, they serve as the basis for a building project, so it’s important to ensure that all agreements are valid as well as legally binding. Whether you are a contractor or a client looking to have work done, explains the different types of construction contracts and how they can meet your needs.

Lump Sum Contracts

Will Chapter 7 discharge my recent credit card debt?

If you are a Californian whose credit card debt has gotten out of control, you may have heard that Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges your credit card and other consumer debt. This is generally true, but you should be aware that this may not include credit card debt you take on shortly before filing bankruptcy.

As Bloomberg News reported, Section 523(a)(2)(C)(I) of the Bankruptcy Code contains a presumption against discharge of debt you incur within 90 days of filing bankruptcy if that debt represents one creditor and your purchases represent consumer goods worth over $675.

Breaking the debt-depression cycle

Financial problems can ensnare those who lack clarity on how to handle money properly. Most Americans find themselves in thousands of dollars of debt stemming from credit cards to student loans. Despite where the debt came from, the awareness of owing money to other people, creditors, or agencies can weigh heavily on a person’s mind and emotions.

It is no surprise that many people who are struggling financially with debt also experience depression, anxiety, strained relationships and other negative issues. Money is a foundational aspect to livelihood and how your world is operating and functioning. Debt makes a person’s lifestyle and emotional response dysfunctional, increasing the risk of a mental health breakdown.

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