What To Do About Building Code Issues?

Building codes are intricate, complex and always changing. It is no surprise that building code violations are common. The question is: Who is responsible for them? This question is often at the center of construction disputes. The disputes may simply be over projects not being up to code, or over property damage or defects that have resulted from the code violation.

We Understand Building Codes

At Tsao-Wu & Yee LLP, our lawyers have a trusted reputation for handling disputes in the Bay Area construction industry. Our experience means we understand building codes. Furthermore, we know how to identify who is responsible for a building code violation. Did the contractor fail to follow the plan? Did the designer make an error in the plan? Was the problem with the materials supplied? We use our industry knowledge to determine who made the error and to take the appropriate action to positively resolve the matter.

We provide guidance to any party involved in a code violation dispute. When appropriate, we can also work with municipalities in order to determine the best way to bring a building up to code and ensure that it causes no further problems. Whether through negotiation, trial or alternative dispute resolution, we are committed to reaching the best outcome for you.

Trusted Counsel In Building Code Violation Claims

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