When Partners Do Not See Eye-To-Eye

A strong partnership is often made up of people whose strengths, ideas and working styles complement each other, but do not exactly match. As much as this can benefit a business, it can also set the stage for disagreements between partners. Partnership disputes can stop a business in its tracks and ultimately threaten to tear it apart so they must be handled with care. At Tsao-Wu & Yee LLP, our Bay Area attorneys understand how delicate yet serious disputes between partners can be, and we have the experience to resolve them effectively.

When To Contact A Lawyer

In many cases, the tensions that ultimately lead to a partnership are ignored at first. With a business that needs to be run, everyone is focused on other things. However, the sooner the issue is addressed, the more options there may be to find a positive outcome. Getting a lawyer involved early can prove beneficial by preventing escalation of a dispute between partners that would interrupt business.

There are many sources of frustration between partners. Perhaps one feels the other is not fulfilling their fair share of the duties, or is profiting more from the business. Perhaps there is disagreement about the direction of the business.

Whatever the reason for the business dispute, our attorneys can help. We will strive to get to the heart of the dispute and move toward a resolution that is appropriate, whether that means negotiating a new partnership agreement that outlines duties more clearly or bringing the partnership to a close. We are trial attorneys, prepared to argue in court should the dispute escalate to that level, but also skilled in alternative dispute resolution.

Trusted Counsel In Partnership Disputes

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