What Can Chapter 7 Do?

When people think of bankruptcy, they typically think of Chapter 7. This is the most frequently used form of bankruptcy, in part because it is efficient and effective. In fact, as soon as you file Chapter 7, you will feel the impact. An automatic stay goes into place that:

  • Stops creditor harassment
  • Stops creditor lawsuits
  • Stops repossession
  • Stops foreclosure

In fact, once you have filed, creditors are not allowed to take any actions against you while the bankruptcy is pending. Imagine how much easier your day-to-day life will be without having to worry that every phone call is from a harassing creditor. Imagine not having the stress that your car and your home are going to be taken away from you.

A Powerful And Permanent Debt Relief Option

While it feels good to have the threats stop, what you really want is a permanent solution to your debt problem. Chapter 7 is a powerful method for eliminating unsecured debt such as credit card debt and medical debt. For many people, this is enough to get them back on solid ground financially. For others, there may be other debt to deal with as well.

At Tsao-Wu & Yee LLP, our Bay Area lawyers are skilled at helping people overcome debt of all kinds with Chapter 7. We will carefully analyze your debt load and your overall financial situation to create a bankruptcy strategy that will work for you. If Chapter 7 will not work in your situation, we can guide you toward an option that will.

Find Out If Chapter 7 Will Work For You

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