Overcome Debt With Bankruptcy

This is not your fault. Perhaps you lost your job. Perhaps you were injured or became ill and the medical bills piled up beyond your control. Even if you are burdened with credit card debt, the trouble might very well be the result of unfair late fees and high interest rates. Whatever the case may be, you are now struggling with unmanageable debt.

You have done everything you can to catch up, but it just does not seem possible. You try to explain to creditors on their daily harassing phone calls, but they do not understand. Yet the calls keep coming, along with threats of lawsuits, repossession and foreclosure.

Now is the time to move on. By filing bankruptcy, you may be able to overcome debt and start anew. The Bay Area attorneys at Tsao-Wu & Yee LLP can help.

Your Bankruptcy Options

Forget the myths you have heard about bankruptcy requiring liquidation of all your assets, ruining your credit score and more. They simply are not true. The truth is that bankruptcy is a trusted, legal method for overcoming medical debt, credit card debt and other types of debt.

There are several types of bankruptcy, and each works differently:

  • Chapter 7 is the most well-known form of bankruptcy

  • Chapter 13 involves the creation of a repayment plan

  • Chapter 11 is bankruptcy for businesses

Our lawyers will work closely to choose and implement the type of bankruptcy that makes the most sense based on your circumstances.

In The Event Of Adversary Proceedings

Sometimes creditors push back. When a dispute with a creditor arises within a bankruptcy, it is resolved through an adversary proceeding. This bankruptcy litigation is complex and unique. Not surprisingly, few attorneys handle it. We do, and our peers often refer cases to us in these matters. When you choose us, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your attorney has the strength and ability to stand up to bullying creditors.

Discuss Your Debt Relief Options

Our law firm features offices in San Jose and San Francisco, California. You can reach both by calling 800-494-0390 . If you prefer, you may also email us.